“FOOD IS PREVENTION”

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Hello I am Chef Emiro,

 I am looking forward to being Your Personal Chef.

The first line of defense against disease is what we eat. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), implementing simple changes to your lifestyle will help prevent the onset of chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Simply start: eating healthy portions of fresh and nutritious foods, getting regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding tobacco use. 






can support in treatment of many illnesses. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Oils and Grains, all contain one of more "primary elements" such as antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and much more that help fight a number of diseases. 

So why not eat only the foods that do just that?

That’s what the Personal Chef Program is all about!


Your Personal Chef 

 Recipe Program

 Eating the Foods that Help to Prevent and/or Treat Many Diseases

  The Personal Chef “Food is Prevention” Program is a subscription that anyone can participate in. We are a diverse people from different cultures and lifestyles, therefore, the specific health benefits of the foods we eat are personal and unique to everyone. 

        Joining couldn’t be any easier. 

                             1.  Simply download one of our Dietary intake forms and answer all the questions 

                             2. Send us your completed form 

                             3. Complete your 3mo, 6mo, or 1yr subscription purchase 

Upon review of the information you sent to us, we will design a plan with food choices that may improve your health and reduce your symptoms. 

These recommendations are based on the latest that nutrition science has to offer

Eating healthy meals designed for your particular health concerns are a key strategy for improving your health and well-being

Our program empowers you by making diet change easier. I work with every member in delivering them a wide selection of nutrient rich, disease fighting, quick and easy to make recipes that you will enjoy preparing and will love to eat

 I will also provide you with my email, so to answer any cooking or recipe questions you may have



As an active member you will receive 10 new recipes every month that you will enjoy eating while your body receives the optimized nutritional benefits

 (please allow 2 weeks for processing)

Membership includes

  • A Bi-Weekly Assortment of  (Breakfast/Appetizer/Lunch/Diner/Desserts) 10 Custom, Quick and Easy to prepare recipes (Breakfast/Appetizer/Lunch/Diner/Desserts) 
  • Grocery List with Every Meal
  • Nutritional Facts with every meal
  • Medically evident facts literature/research based on your condition
  • Chef Emiro’s email: Contact him with any culinary questions or concerns
  •  Member Portal – your personal member dashboard
  • 10% Discount on all “CamCare Essentials” All-Natural Herbal Vitamins and Food Supplements
  • Participation in our “Value-Add” Discount Program  

Subscription $15 / 3 months
Subscription $15 / 6 months
Subscription $15 / 12 months