Seniors 65 +

Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. We are living longer and healthier lives than previous generations and this is due, in part, to an increased focus on wellness and prevention along with vast choices for Complementary Alternative and Holistic therapies. 

CamCare is not an insurance company, We are an Integrative Health and Wellness Member Benefit Reimbursement Organization that offers several Supplemental Plans that cover many Complementary Alternative Therapies and Holistic Approaches

Medicare does not cover most CAM or Holistic therapies and services that many of us rely on in preventing, treating or supporting ones' health and well-being. 

Neither do many of the supplemental Medicare Advantage Programs available to seniors today.

CamCare Member Benefit Programs are designed to fill the gap in coverage for Complementary Alternative Medicine and Holistic approaches. As Seniors, many are often faced with having to make personal lifestyle changes, CamCare will support you with the choices for better health with the coverage to the alternative therapies you want with only the coverage you need.

Benefits of a CamCare Health and/or Wellness Plan:

                                 * You may see the practitioner of your choice: 

       There are no 'in-network' restrictions. (see member terms and agreement)

                                 * You may seek services anywhere in the USA: We offer coverage in all 50 states. 

       There are no "group or provider organization" restrictions (see terms and agreement)

                                 * You may enroll in any of our plans at any time: 

       There are no "enrollment periods" (see terms and agreement)

                                 * You choose the option that best fits your needs: 

       We have many plans to choose from or just create your own. (see terms and agreement)

                                * Savings of up to 50, 80, or 100% on fees-for-services: 

       You choose the benefit reimbursement rate (see terms and agreement)

                                 * You are automatically enrolled in our MINDFUL SAVINGS PROGRAM: 

      Promotions and Discounts on health and wellness product and services: a free service we provide to            our members   

CamCare provides supplemental coverage for integrative therapies, enabling you the power to transform your health and wellness.

SENIORS receive a 10% discount on any annual Member Benefit Reimbursement Program plan purchase

​To receive your Benefits, contact our Customer Service Department: Toll Free: 1-800-917-7329 or E-mail us: