Any Provider may join the CamCare Community. There are no In/Out-of-Network policies, programs or fees associated with being in our Program



 We recognizes and understand the importance in the care you provide to patients. 


In support we developed a way to bridge the gaps between access and affordability to all patients. 


Providing real: choice, flexibility and portability through our Benefit Reimbursement Programs to Complementary, Alternative and Holistic Care.


 Care - Endorse - Thrive

with CamCare 

the Nation's Premier

 Integrative Health and Wellness Member Benefits Organization


 To Participate  

 Email of Fax your Contact Information 


 We’ll then schedule a meet and greet 


 F: 617-596-2198        E:

brochures, postcards, wallet cards, posters, bookmarks, free for your office



 CamCare's Community Practitioner Marketing / Advertising Program


 Lic/Cert. Providers and Allied-CAM/Holistic Practitioners may Sign up for our Community Practitioner Partner Program to help grow your practice.


  • ​Provides national visibility to you and your practice
  • Expands access to the markets on the services you render  
  • Provides you with contributory access to our Newsletter
  • Provide you with Member Portal Promotional Services
  • Contributor access to Professionals’ CAM Collaborative, Events.
  • Inclusion in our Practitioner and Allied-CAM Practitioner Directory 
  • Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Discounts on Value-Add Products, Programs and Services 

 Program provides you and your practice with valuable business services 


                                                               $99 per year






 ​For more information contact our Practitioner Relations Department​