Seniors 65 +

CamCare wellness plans are designed to be a supplement for Complementary Alternative Medicine and Holistic approaches that original Medicare and Medicare Advantage insurance policies do not cover. With a CamCare Wellness Plan, you decide the type of health or wellness plan and benefit reimbursement rate of coverage you want.


Benefits of a CamCare Health and Wellness Plan:

• You may seek the practitioner of your choice. There are no 'in-network' restrictions. (see practitioners licensing policies)

• You may seek services anywhere in the USA, plans are portable. There are no "group or practitioner organization" restrictions

• You may enroll in any of our plans at any time. There are no "enrollment periods" (see terms and agreement)

• You have many plans to choose from, giving you the option that best fits your needs.

• Your enrolled in our "value-add" program a free service we provide to our members


CamCare is not an insurance company. We are a member benefit reimbursement organization offering a variety of Alternative Health and Wellness plans that bridge the gap between access and affordability to Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Holistic services.


In choosing a Medicare coverage plan, there is a lot to consider. If your current Medicare and Medicare Advantage plan does not cover or only offers very limited coverage for Alternative Therapies, CamCare is an affordable supplemental plan you may want to consider and add to your care.


Begin your health and wellness journey today with CamCare. Give us a call. Our team of Customer Care representatives will provide the answers to your questions, so you will feel confident you are selecting the program and plan that's right for you.


There is no obligation to purchase.


Senior Citizens 65 and over receive a 10% discount on any annual membership, to enroll call our Customer Care Department at 1-800-917-7329.